A Decade of Business & 10 Pieces of My Personal Understanding

A Decade of Business & 10 Pieces of My Personal Understanding

After 10 years of business here’s 10 pieces of my personal understanding of how I got here…

1. Be humbled with every person you meet, you never know how someone else’s life can effect your story. Having humility with every person got me into more doors than I could of ever imagined.

2. Stay in your lane. Do what you are good at & than keep doing it better.

3. Creating an authentic business will not reflect everyone’s authentic self but it’s not anyones job to wait for those who are inauthentic, keep being you for the the ones that understand your vision. A vision is what creates community.

4. No one owes you anything, you are the only one responsible for getting what you want.

5. Be gritty, life isn’t about perfection it's what we do in the imperfect moments that show our true colors.

6. It works if you work it, rain or shine, ALWAYS work it.

7. Your failures lead you to your biggest solutions. Get up and get back in the game every time you fall, that’s when you are at the brink of your biggest & greatest breakthrough.

8. Always be learning & evolving because the only thing that is certain is change.

9. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, you have to find faith in every high, low or plateau.

10.Trust that world always has your back, it can’t help but grow weak for a stubborn heart.

I am beyond grateful to be here today writing this. To dedicate 10 years of my life to something I sincerely love is something I couldn’t have done without the support of my community. Thank you for growing with me, thank you for allowing me to grow with you and I am so thankful to say Popsikle Shop has officially been around the block for a decade! 

I hope to continue to make you all proud! 

With all my love,

Crystal Rey

Owner & Stylist of Popsikle Shop Mobile Boutique 


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