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I haven’t been one to update or keep up with the blog aspect of the shops website. So with us coming into Spring 2018 I feel like it’s time for something new! I’m going to weekly update the website with new weekly blogs. I’ll give you updates on where you can locate us during the week and what deals you can scoop up. I’ll also be posting photos of different looks we’re putting together on our social media pages and how you can style up looks similar using our hopefully easy styling tips that can help you & your closet!

Lets get started with our first mini look book for Spring!

Yesterday, before running out the door, I pulled some of thrift finds from the shop that

  1. Fit me :D
  2. Just too cute not to be seen 😉

While I was thrifting in L.A. this week I came across this vintage slip. The pastel floral print is what first stole my heart but figuring out it was a perfect little slip made me die of happiness inside even more.
The slip rises a little on each side, so it was a tad short on a girl of my height (I’m 5’5) but if I were to actually wear this out (not in my backyard) I would pair it with black tights to cover up any chances of unwanted viewsPairing the slip with this multi-colored horizonal stripped top brought the colors of the slip & top together perfectly.

I’m so guilty when it comes to pairing prints, I love wearing a beautiful contrast of clothing and showing a deeper process to your outfit.

A piece that has been sitting in the shop for a few weeks now hasn’t received the love it deserves. Coming into Spring aka Coachella season, this tasseled top is the perfect addition to any girls boho dreams.With this tasseled cuteness I paired it with some printed flaired pants from my personal closet to bring that boho gypsy girl illusion all together. Added some big gold dangly earrings and wah-la! Your modern day Esmeralda came to life.My last Spring Look goes out to a rainbow paradise of a button-up. If you are about color, than you are about this outfit. I’m also very much about the vertical stripes to help us ladies look a tad thinner on those ehh days.
The pastel rainbow colors add a sweet subtle pop of color to brighten up the look. Mixing my personal pair of vintage Arizona’s, it added just the right Daisy Duke spin to my Springtime ensemble!

Let me know what your fav outfit was in the comment section below!

Find some of these pieces online or in the shop this week.

Unfortunately, Springtime showers rained us out for this Thursdays Downtown Anaheim Farmers Market (3.22.18) BUT you can catch us this Saturday (3.24.18) on the corner of La Palma & Stanton in Downtown Buena Park!

See you all there!

 With Love,

Crystal Rey

Instagram @YellowRey @PopsikleShop

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The Esmeralda look is def my fav but honestly you look great in anything hunny. Thank you for sharing your looks with us 😘

Your Rachel

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