Phoebe Buffay Style Breakdown

Phoebe Buffay Style Breakdown

This past week on Instagram, I asked our audience to send in some style inspiration. I received a request for Phoebe Buffay and after really analyzing her style, I fell in love with her character even more.  Friends wasn’t always a go to show growing up, (I’m a Disney/Nickelodeon kid) but from the episodes I did watch, Phoebe remains to be one of the funniest of characters I’ve seen on the show. 
She has an earthy grunge look I can 100% stand behind. She loves a good maxi skirt and you’ll often see her pair her ensembles with a vest, an oversized sweater or a light cardigan. She loves to wear necklaces including pendants, chokers or multi-layer. You’ll see Phoebe most frequently in a closed toe shoe.
Gathering some ideal photos of outfits I loved most from her character, I ended up creating 5 looks using our vintage & thrift inventory. All these looks can be found in our shop for sale but if you’d like some 1:1 personal styling help, you can book a styling service with us. Now let’s break down these outfits!
Outfit 1: Starting strong with an oversized 90’s sweater that screams Earthy Grunge. I paired it with a vintage floral printed dress slipped under, than added a chunky vest for more texture. Finishing up the look with a solid pair of boots & hat, I'm in love!
Outfit 2: Inspired by her fearless way of wearing bold colors & mixing patterns, this playful outfit is too fun! Pairing this vintage lace up bell sleeve top with our sheer rose mid-length skirt, seriously had me falling in love with the combo. I finished the look with a vintage ribbon vest, cheetah bucket hat & vintage brown boots.

Outfit 3: When finding this patchwork jacket from our stock, I knew I wanted to use it for one of the Phoebe looks. Pairing the jacket with a cream Anthropologie turtleneck shirt & 90’s mini dress, I pictured Phoebe in the NYC cold, singing with her guitar. 


Outfit 4: Playing with multi-patterns in this one, I envisioned Phoebe with her hair in a loose updo with curls falling around her face, a black choker & her tambourine in hand. The way this outfit flows together with all its contrasting parts is such a vibe of Phoebe's. Layering this vintage vest over an embroidered floral button-up combined perfectly with this velvet skirt & finished with a brown pair of boots.

Outfit 5: Setting the scene for a more earthy look for Phoebe, this vintage dress pairs well over a turtleneck crop & vintage jean vest. I can really picture her relaxing at Monica & Rachel’s Apartment in this one.


A special thank you to our Instagram followers for helping us find inspiration! What Style Breakdown do you want to see next?


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With Love,

Crystal Rey

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